About us

About us

The quickest innovative lunch in town. Speedy dining, but not fast food.

Our values


The unique smart ordering system allows you to enjoy a daily lunch quickly and deliciously. No more wasting time in queues or waiting for the ordered food - prepare lunch very conveniently and quickly, and we will prepare the dishes until you settle down.


We disagree with the statement that you can only eat fast food in an unhealthy food restaurant. The dishes we offer have been created by carefully selecting products and combining customer needs with the chef's experience. We do not use any artificial additives, we produce only from natural and fresh products. We are waiting for you every day with different lunch offers of the day - from Lithuanian to Eastern or American cuisine, not forgetting the lovers of vegetarian dishes.


The constant lack of time and the importance of technology in living in a big city have inspired us to use smart technology to improve the customer experience in the restaurant. Unusual modern interior and a convenient and fast payment system await you here.


All this was reconciled with the attractive price of a daily lunch available to everyone. Every working citizen no longer has to worry about what to put in the lunch box at home this morning. Fast, high-quality and inexpensive lunch at the iLunch restaurant.

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