Want to become a business customer?

Want to become a business customer?

Opportunity for the whole team to have lunch together under special conditions.

Main advantages:

Lunch in 2 minutes!
More than 30 restaurants
Up to 10% discount on lunch
Increased employee productivity
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Key highlights

Exceptionally convenient

Daugiau nei 30 restoranų didžiuosiuose šalies miestuose. Galimybė kasdien rinktis iš plataus patiekalų meniu ir maistą po užsakymo gauti vos per 2 minutes!

Easy to manage

We coordinate your subsidized lunch allowance, sign a contract, and create a customer portal. Easy to use, pay, and receive invoices.

For a stronger team

Our business clients provide statistics and employee feedback that show that lunching together with the team leads to greater work motivation. It's a fun tradition among colleagues.

Additional benefits

Single-use credits for corporate guests. Convenient catering for conference, training, and similar event attendees.

About us

Team members are reimbursed for a specific daily lunch amount. Everything is very convenient and easy to manage in the virtual customer environment. Learn about discounts and features!


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